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Sponsor A Rescued Animal

Would you like to help one or more of these rescued animals in the Kruisin' Kritter program?

You can!

Become a Sponsor by making a donation to be used for health care and feeding of a specific animal.

Today's featured rescued animal in need of sponsors is:

Andrew, the blind abused Mastiff puppy

One of the most popular animals is a blind, severely abused Mastiff puppy named Andrew, who Kruisin Kritters rescued almost a year ago.  Andrew will require many more surgeries in order to keep him comfortable.  He will even need to have his badly damaged eyes replaced with glass look-a-likes.  A real trooper, this 200-pound puppy continues to grow fast! 

Become his sponsor by making a donation for his ongoing medical care and feeding! Your gift, of any amount, will be much appreciated! Your gift will be acknowledged via letter and listing on this web site!

Sponsored donations can be sent to:

Andrew Miller's Medical Fund at Santel Credit Union,

450 Fletcher Parkway, #101, El Cajon, CA  92020. #70752-03.


* Look for more animals in need of sponsors in the near future!

Here are just a few photos of dogs, cats, reptiles, frogs, and tarantulas in need of sponsors.

"Cassidy" - pit bull
"Ragdoll" - kitty
African Bullfrog
"Red" - Tagu
Tomatoe Frog
CA King Snake


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