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Kritter Quiz


Take a Kritter Quiz!

1. Do you know how to meet a new dog for the first time? Would you offer the dog your hand....

a. palm up

b. fist

c. back of hand

2. What is the most common way a person can get stung by a scorpion?

a. pestering it

b. picking it up

c. stepping into his or her shoes or sneakers

3. What common lizard eats black widow spiders?

a. a horned lizard

b. an alligator lizard

c. blue belly lizard

4. How many brains does a cockroach have?

a. 1

b. 2

c. 4

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Doggie Fun Facts:

Dogs are so smart that some have been trained to fly kites, scuba dive, surf, shoot pool and even snow ski!
Dogsí sense of smell is more than 100 times more sensitive than humans. Thatís why dogs are used to sniff out the territory in many rescues and various lines of police work.
The expression Dog Days of Summer comes from the Sirius, the Dog Star, which was most visible in summer months. Ancient Romans believed that the Dog Star added its heat to that of the Sun in the summer.
Dogs have a visual range of 250 degrees while humans have only 180.
Thirty-four out of forty-two U.S. presidents have owned dogs while in the White House. The First Dogs have always appealed to the public.
Rumor has it the band Three Dog Night got its name from an old Alaskan expression, that measured the cold temperatures by the number of dogs needed to sleep together in a huddle to stay warm.

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