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Kruisin' Kritters offers "hands-on", mobile animal education program that combines learning, entertainment and humanitarian values to inform the public about proper pet care and humane treatment of animals.  This amusing educational program aims to prevent animal abuse, promote proper pet care and encourage spaying and neutering.  Programs are tailored to the specific age and interest of each audience. 

Founder Sue Miller, a San Diego Native, has been involved with the rescue and rehabilitation of native and exotic reptiles, insects, arachnids, and many other species (including cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, and pigs) for over 40 years. She started Kruisin' Kritters animal education program 27 years ago, bringing her animals to audiences for a hands-on encounter. She imparts knowledge, teaching respect and understanding for the living creatures with which we share the earth.

Sue Miller has taught and continues to teach at the San Diego Natural History Museum, Fleet museum, local public and private schools, libraries, military bases and many other venues throughout San Diego, Orange, Imperial, Los Angeles, and Riverside counties. She also provides educational entertainment at birthday parties, special events, and Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts troop meetings.


Kruisin' Kritters Basics
This is your program! You are invited to a close encounter with some of the unique creatures that share our planet. Learn how lizards communicate, why some animals have bright colors, how many brains cockroaches have, the difference between millipedes and centipedes, and much, much more through this interactive program. Participants will walk away with a greater respect and lots of fun facts about our Kritter Kousins. $200-$250

Fangs and Tongues and Scales, Oh, My!
Don't be afraid! Learn how to safely handle a snake-up close or from a distance. Are they slimy? Smooth? Hot? Cold? Do all snakes bite? Does venomous mean deadly? Do they have teeth? Ears? Eyelids? How many lungs do they have? Meet snakes from little to large. Overcome some standard misconceptions. Walk away with a better understanding of these amazing reptiles.
*we bring no venomous snakes $200-$250

The Tooth, The Whole Tooth and Nothing But The Tooth

Which animals have teeth? What's the difference between fangs and teeth? Who loses them and who doesn't. Learn how teeth are shaped for the foods that are eaten. Meet "Simba" a small creature that has the second most teeth on this earth! (He's only 6" long!!!) Check out some Rhinoceros teeth. After this "chompin' fun adventure" you will never at teeth the same way again. $200-$250

Teensy to Titanic

Have you ever met a lizard that sounds like a lion roaring? Pet a tortoise that is the 3rd largest type in the world! Encounter a scorpion that is the biggest in her family! Participate in this hands-on fascinating journey to meet some of the larger creatures on this earth. You will walk away with a big "WOW"! $200-$250

What Bugs you
You have now entered the world of bugs!!! Are you fascinated or "creeped out" by those 6 and 8 legged creatures we find in our back yards and homes? Guess what the world's largest and smartest bugs are (You will be surprised!). Hintů.they live in the ocean. Pet Mariah, the tarantula, who accomplished a truly amazing feat! Meet Virginia, the vinegaroon, who uses a spray of smelly liquid to protect herself! Check out Calvin, the cave spider who has the nost amazing antennae! Learn the story of Flash, the mystery bug and his great escapes. (Yes, there has been more than one!) We won't "bug you" any more after this interesting and fun program!!! $200-$250

Fangs For The Memories

Why do male spiders live such a short life? How do rattlesnakes inject their venom? Which cold-blooded creature can a rattlesnake kill? Learn the answers to these questions and many amazing facts about venomous animals. Get up close and personal with McKenzie, the bird eating tarantula, who has 1/2 inch fangs! A quick look at Hamett, the hog nosed snake, might mislead you to believe that he is a rattlesnake!! Learn the difference! Find outr what a gopher snake will do to pretend it's a rattlesnake. Separate facts from myths in this fun, fact-filled assembly. $200-$250

Dragons, Fantasy or Real?

Have you ever wondered if dragons are real? Do they breathe fire? Do they like to collect shiny things? Join in this exploration of these misunderstood creatures and learn the facts!! Meet two live dragons and learn how their lives are so different. Guess which living dragon and his cousins are endangered and what humans are doing to save them. This is a truly magical experience!!! $200-$250

The Wonderful Lizard of "Ahs"

Wander into the wild world of lizards! Meet Arnold and Nakari, the monitors. Learn why they and all of their cousins are threatened or endangered. The feel of Celeste, the blue tongued skink will truly amaze you! Learn why her tongue is so blue. Aaron, the legless lizard, will "WOW" you as you find out the difference between him and his look-alike friends, the snakes. Which lizards make good pets, and how long do they live? Walk away with a smile from this interactive, fun journey into the land of lizards!!! $200-$250

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